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ReLIFE Chapter 18

Here is chapter 18 for your reading pleasure! Hishiro is quite the character. I was also in such a hurry to get you 17, I forgot to put the credits thing on! Oops! Oh...


ReLIFE Chapter 17

How boring, I have nothing to say. Just take your chapter. Also, expect chapter 18 in a couple hours. report17. Zero Points in Communication Skills Read on Batoto Download on MediaFire


ReLIFE Chapter 16

This is a new landmark for us. We’ve officially doubled our number of released chapters since returning from the unexpectedly prolonged hiatus! Very grateful for Xyros’ hard work! Here’s chapter 16 for you’re reading...

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ReLIFE Chapter 15

Chapter 15 is ready to go! More lovely discussions between Yoake and Kaizaki. It seems the first day of classes (the one that started in chapter 6…) is finally near an end. Haven’t checked,...


ReLIFE Chapter 14

Hey! Gonna keep this quick as I gotta run so here’s chapter 14! If we keep moving at this pace then it might be me who’s not able to keep up with Xyros! Anyways...


ReLIFE Chapters 12 & 13

We’ve got not one, but TWO chapters for you today! Not overly much going on in these two chapters, mostly just more explanation about the ReLIFE program. Also I’ve officially run out the chapters...


ReLIFE Chapter 11

These characters are really starting to grow on me. Xyros seems to have pledged his loyalty to Team Kariu. Unfortunately, I’ll have to banish him to some dark corner somewhere, for Team Onoya is...


ReLIFE Chapter 10

Wasn’t expecting to have this chapter done so quickly after the last one! Xyros is on a roll so far! Some of you might have noticed the website changed drastically (kind of hard not...


ReLIFE Chapter 9!

Whiteout Scans would like to welcome our new translator, Xyros, to the team and thank him for his work on chapter 9 and keeping ReLIFE alive! Read Online: Bato.to Download: MediaFire Our goal has...