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ReLIFE Chapter 94

Report 94 of ReLIFE is now out! Sorry bout the delay folks. Labor day long weekend, got lazy and stuff.


ReLIFE Chapter 90

The 90th report of #ReLIFE is now available! Really got nothing to say about ReLIFE today. Finished the chapter several hours ago and left it for Xyros to revise while I went to play...


ReLIFE Chapter 89

Chapter 89 of #ReLIFE is now available for reading! Only 11 more chapters to go until the big 100. 11 more weeks, provided Yayoi-san doesn’t do any noreport chapters in that period. He’s been...


ReLIFE Chapter 88

#ReLIFE Report 88 is now available for reading and download! Rather intense chapter this week. Goes to some rather dark places. The chapter “cover image” on the left pretty much sums up how I...