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ReLIFE Chapter 87

Your weekly dose of #ReLIFE is now available! And I can’t think of anything else I have to say so I’ll just leave it at that so here’s the links. report87. I Have to...


ReLIFE Chapter 86

And with this chapter, we are once again caught up with #ReLIFE (at least for 12 hours or so)! This chapter should put to bed at least one theory that I commonly see thrown...


ReLIFE Chapter 85

It’s been a while! Back from holidays with a new chapter of #ReLIFE! It’s like, 3AM here so I’ll spare you all the details of my trip. This chapter took longer than expected to...


ReLIFE Chapter 84

Welcome to the new weekly releases of #ReLIFE! As I’ve said before, we no longer have any real set schedule. Xyros’s life has become rather busy, so his free time is rather limited, so...


ReLIFE Chapter’s 80-83 (We caught up!)

And with this, we’ve officially caught up to #ReLIFE with the raws! I buckled the hell down last night, marathoned through Silicon Valley from the very start, up to halfway through season 2 last...


ReLIFE Chapter 79

#ReLIFE Chapter 79 is now out! Only 4 more chapters to go (5 counting tomorrows new one). So… Close… Almost… There… report79. Final Assault Read on Batoto Download on MediaFire


ReLIFE Chapter 76, 77, 78

#ReLIFE … SURPRISE! Three chapters today! Edging ever so close to catching up now! You can thank Netflix and Bloodline for this. I had three episodes left to watch of Bloodlines, and I finished...


ReLIFE Chapter 75

#ReLIFE report75. Honoka’s Feelings, now online for reading! I’m not completely certain yet as I haven’t read chapter 76, but based on the image that will be going in tomorrows post, Hishiro fans should...


ReLIFE Chapter 74

In the final stretch now! Only 9 more chapters of #ReLIFE until we’re caught up! This is super exciting now. I spent 4 hours on Saturday cleaning the crap out of the remaining chapters...


ReLIFE Chapters 72 & 73

Double release of #ReLIFE to end the week! A couple people on Reddit were saying to gradually cut the releases down each week to prepare you all for when we catch up and there’s...