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ReLIFE Chapter 75

#ReLIFE report75. Honoka’s Feelings, now online for reading! I’m not completely certain yet as I haven’t read chapter 76, but based on the image that will be going in tomorrows post, Hishiro fans should...


ReLIFE Chapter 74

In the final stretch now! Only 9 more chapters of #ReLIFE until we’re caught up! This is super exciting now. I spent 4 hours on Saturday cleaning the crap out of the remaining chapters...


ReLIFE Chapters 72 & 73

Double release of #ReLIFE to end the week! A couple people on Reddit were saying to gradually cut the releases down each week to prepare you all for when we catch up and there’s...


ReLIFE Chapter 71

#ReLIFE report 71 is now online for reading! And that’s all today. Dunno what else to write so… that’s it! Enjoy the chapter! report71. Last Year’s Trauma Read on Batoto Download on MediaFire


ReLIFE Chapter 70

#ReLIFE Chapter 70! Everyone’s favorite Hishiron has returned! I’m officially going to Japan next year from late April to mid May! Got a great deal on airfare ($615 roundtrip out of Vancouver) so I’m...


ReLIFE Chapter 69

The real #ReLIFE Report 69 is now available! Sorry bout yesterday, I was in a hurry. And I’m also in a hurry today as I need to get back to looking at these SUPER...


ReLIFE Chapter 68

#ReLIFE Chapter 68 is now available! Now excuse me while I continue to watch the Playstation E3 conference. #EXCITED! report68. I Really Hate This Kind of Girl Read on Batoto Download on MediaFire


ReLIFE Chapter 66

#ReLIFE 66 is out for you all now! Finding random things to say each day is difficult. It’ll be easier when it’s only once a week. So today, I’d like to personally thank the...


ReLIFE Chapter 65

Here’s chapter 65 of #ReLIFE for you peoples! Keeping this one short as I don’t know what to write, and I just realized I’m out of clean chapters, so unless I do some cleaning,...