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Temporary Hiatus

Sorry for the silence. No – we’re not gone! Sartorial, our cleaner/redrawer, is dealing with some stuff right now and we will be on hiatus until such a point in which he is no...


Blue Hearts Chapter 24

Here is chapter 24 of Blue Hearts for you to read!
Thanks to our new translator going forward, Weaweab, for the excellent work he did translating this chapter and will continue to do going forward.


Blue Hearts Chapter 22

Here’s Blue Hearts chapter 22 for your reading enjoyment! Introducing the character that our best waifu Yuuhi (protecc that smile) will have to save next! Also, last release I mentioned that Blue Hearts would...


Blue Hearts Page 21

Here’s Blue Hearts chapter 21 for your reading enjoyment! So it seems like Blue Hearts will be getting a physical release in August, if google is translating this article from Comico correctly. If anyone...