Blue Hearts Chapter 24

Here is chapter 24 of Blue Hearts for you to read!

Thanks to our new translator going forward, Weaweab, for the excellent work he did translating this chapter and will continue to do going forward.

It almost feels like some sort of cruel hazing to make this the first chapter he has to do. If you read these posts before the chapters (for some reason), be warned that the chapter goes to a pretty dark place in the topics of bullying and suicide. It was actually a little rough to typeset.

Yayoi Sou is definitely not holding anything back with Blue Hearts. I think the juxtaposition between the serious subject matter and the cute and fluffy art makes it even worse. I’ve included another disclaimer (this time at the beginning of the chapter) with some links to some helpful resources.

Going back to group-related news before I hit the publish button – chapter 25 of Blue Hearts will be a bit delayed due to prior commitments by our new translator. Anyone who has an issue with that can take it up with our complaint bin, located wherever you put your recycling.

See you next time.

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I can’t trust anyone anymore
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