Blue Hearts Page 11

Here is Blue Hearts Page 11!

Apologies for the extra week gap here – some of the team was away during the holiday season doing the family thing and whatnot.

Look at it this way though, only one more week until chapter 12 now! (Yaaay)

These gradients are going to be the death of me. I was thrilled to not have to do chalkboards all the time but these skies are even worse, what with the clouds throughout them. -sigh-. Ya’ll better admire and appreciate those nice smooth gradients on the skies!

For upcoming releases, I have chapter 14 of Monochrome Lovers nearly ready to go and that will be out probably tomorrow. As stated above, Blue Hearts 12 will be out next Sunday/Monday which puts us back on the 2-week cycle. As for Monochrome Lovers 15, no idea yet. That will be dependent on Chaos’s schedule.

Enjoy and see you next time!

Blue Hearts Page.11
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