Blue Hearts Page 9

Blue Hearts Page 9And with this, the release of Blue Hearts page 9, we are caught up with the raw releases!



as I said at the end of the chapter, the raw for chapter 10 will be out December 14, and chapter 11 on December 28. While the bi-weekly release schedule will be a nice leisurely pace for us to work on, the chapters aren’t any longer than ReLIFE so Blue Hearts is likely going to feel like it’s progressing very slowly.

I will also reiterate that we’ve added two new people to the Blue Hearts team over the past week or so!

Irru is here to proofread the script and make sure everything is grammatically correct and flows nicely! If you recognize Irru’s name, it will likely be from his work proofreading Nisekoi. Originally started at Red Hawk Scans (R.I.P.), and then continued on through Mangaconda and ultimately finished with Tsurezure Scans. I’m personally happy to have a seasoned proofreading veteran on board to help things along!

Vedrit is a newcomer to the scanlation scene and someone I know personally. He’s here to go over the chapters in their finished form before release to ensure any errors made during the typesetting process get fixed! Vedrit is also working on developing a game entitled The False World, so check out some of his “monthly” development updates to see what that is all about!

Enjoy the chapter! Hopefully I’ll have a new chapter of Monochrome Lovers for you to read before the next Blue Hearts is out!

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