Blue Hearts Page 8

And with this, the release of Blue Hearts page 8, we have finished up with the day one chapter dump!



Chapter 9 is currently going through the translation and redrawing process and we are excited to bring this chapter to you sometime in the next few days!

And all of us working on Blue Hearts will be thrilled to finally be on the bi-weekly release schedule that was promised to us. I was actually expecting the chapters to be a bit longer than ReLIFE, but they seem about the same. Unfortunately that will likely end up making the plot move even slower. I’m sure Yayoi Sou has her reasons though – the health of the mangaka should take precedent over pushing out releases as fast as humanly possible.

And this is for all the people who have been saying this is a BL series. There hasn’t been an inkling of romance and the series doesn’t even have romance as a genre. Just because the chapters thus far have been an all male cast, doesn’t mean it’s a BL…

ANYWAYS Enjoy the chapter!

Blue Hearts page.8
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