Blue Hearts Page 7

Here is Blue Hearts chapter 7!

The lovely folks in the Whiteout Scans Discord channel are so kind in notifying me of all the errors that I miss in each chapter. I’ve decided to forcibly employ the services of one of the aforementioned folks to take up the role of Quality Checker for this, and all chapters going forward until such a point that he has had enough. I also happen to know him personally, so please welcome Vedrit as the official quality checker. All future grievances regarding typos, missing words, and other assorted errors may be directed at him for not noticing them!

While this is exciting news, it is a very last minute thing and is not the exciting news I had mentioned two blog posts ago; that news is still coming at a later time.

On another note, the raw for chapter 9 was released earlier today as expected.. We weren’t surprised with another dump of 8 chapters, so that’s good. (P.S. – these posts are so much easier when I actually have semi-meaningful things to say.)

For the time being, please enjoy the seventh chapter of Blue Hearts!


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