Blue Hearts Page 6

Blue Hearts Page 6Blue Hearts Chapter 6 is out now!

I’m not sure why but the gradients in this series have thus far been awful. The quality of the chapters I rip from Comico are always terrible but I’m able to make them much better. The gradients however have been taking a special touch to fix up.


Here are some examples from this chapter of what I mean (click the images to view them full sized):

I don’t remember the gradients in ReLIFE ever being quite this bad. My only guess is that Comico has upped their compression since then. At the very least, smoothing out those gradients was a good learning experience as I now know some techniques for doing it!

Anyways enjoy the chapter! Chapter 7 will likely be out Friday, barring any unforeseen circumstances. (also the exciting news I mentioned last time has been postponed until such a time that the exciting news is ready to present itself.)


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