Blue Hearts Page 5

Here we are with Blue Hearts Page 5!

Hope you enjoyed yesterdays release of Monochrome Lovers. We’ll be pushing full steam ahead to try and have the remaining 3 chapters of Blue Hearts out this week in time for the new chapter that should be dropping on December 1st. We’ll see how that goes. Not overly concerned if we don’t make it as we’ll have another two weeks until chapter 10 (unless Sou-sensei decides to drop 8 chapters again which would be awful…).

On a semi-related note I’ve noticed that the Portuguese and Spanish versions of Blue Hearts are making progress which is awesome to see! They’re on chapter 4 and chapter 2 respectively as of the time of writing this.

Additionally, with any luck, I’ll have some exciting news for you all by the time we’re ready to release page 6 which will probably be on Wednesday for logistical reasons.

Any who, enjoy the latest installment of Blue Hearts and we’ll be back with more later this week!

Blue Hearts page.5
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