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And so it begins… Blue Hearts!

I have to say, it’s really nice working on Yayoi Sou’s work again. She does a lot more exciting stuff in terms of typesetting which, while it takes longer to do, is a lot of fun. Please take a minute to admire that fancy text near the end of the chapter (you’ll know it when you see it). Sartorial also spent a lot of time cleaning up that bubble as well so major kudos to him!

Xyros has fulfilled his promise and came back to translate Yayoi Sou’s series as well! He’s been having fun with it so far as he hasn’t done much of anything in the way of translating or studying Japanese since ReLIFE ended. This is kind of a kick in the pants for him to get back into it!

Regarding any sort of release schedule – Sou-sensei dropped EIGHT chapters on us to start with, so we’re going to be working on those as quickly as we can. In an ideal world, we’d have them all done before chapter 9 comes out but no promises. After that, this is a bi-weekly series, meaning that new chapters are released every 2 weeks. Next raw release should be on December 1st, so we’ll see what happens there!

On a separate note, Whiteout Scans is on Patreon now. I held off on it for so long as I figured Paypal was fine for donations, but over the years a handful of people have asked about Patreon so I figured, why not. I’m not expecting anything from it but it’s over there in the sidebar (or bottom of the site on mobile) for anyone who wants to do that thing.


Blue Hearts Page 1
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