Monochrome Lovers Chapter 11

Monochrome Lovers Chapter 11Monochrome Lovers Chapter 11 is out now!

I’m silly. I finished this last night and was certain that I had already released it. Turns out… I didn’t. Oops.

So here is chapter 11! The plot continues to… simmer. Seriously, not sure where this series is going. Maybe someday we’ll all find out together.

For the four of you who read these blog posts, here’s a special message just for you – Blue Hearts chapter 1 will be released tomorrow! Xyros plowed through the translation for the first chapter like a boss, Sartorial was inspired and did all the redraws super quick, and I in all my awesomeness sighed and figured I better typeset it all. Just a few finishing touches left and its ready to go! Second secret message – chapter 2 is already translated so that one should be out in the following days 🙂

ANYWAYS for the time being, enjoy this release of Monochrome Lovers Chapter 11! Chapter 12 will be out… whenever I get the translation script and typeset it!

Monochrome Lovers Chapter 11
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