Monochrome Lovers Chapter 6

Monochrome Lovers chapter 6 is now out to read via our reader and MangaDex!

Phew, after going hard with Grey Line(s) last week it’s nice to do a chapter of Monochrome Lovers. You would be surprised how much longer it takes to do the lettering for a series from scratch compared to doing the typesetting for a Japanese series. I’m talking about 10 times longer at least! Mad props to all the professional comic book letterers out there who do this for a living!

Monochrome Lovers has been pretty slow to get rolling with plot – lots of character development and whatnot so far. I look forward to seeing where the series eventually starts going. For now though, the artwork is at least an eyegasm to look at!

Enjoy this chapter and see you later this week for chapter 7!


Monochrome Lovers Chapter 6
I Hope That We’ll Meet Again