Grey Line(s) Chapter 2

Grey Line(s) Chapter 2 is now out on!

You can read it here: Grey Line(s) Chapter 2: Old Friends and Nightmares

We are also still hoping to have chapters 3 and 4 done in time to qualify for the contest (Deadline is Midnight EST on September 13) which is very soon and will be a mad rush, so any support is greatly appreciated! views, subscriptions, and comments on the chapters on all help out!

This chapter took longer to do the lettering for than chapter 1, partially because it was quite a bit longer, and partially because I spent more time playing with bubble shapes and tails. I also increased the text size. The reasoning for that is because when I’m lettering the series, the original files I’m working with are 1000 pixels wide. The Webtoon’s website only allows up to 800 pixels in width, so we have to downsize before upload – meaning that if I typeset at 20pt font size like I normally do, that effectively becomes a 16pt font in the final version uploaded to Webtoons (too small).

I’m enjoying the challenges that come with working on an original series and it has definitely given me a new appreciation for folks who do all the lettering for comic books and manga. I’m still new at creating my own style and there are a lot of things I know I have to improve on. With time, I hope to get better! I definitely want to work on breaking outside of the bubbles more in the future.

Thanks for reading!