Monochrome Lovers Chapter 3

Welcome back, here is Monochrome Lovers Chapter 3!

I’ve been gradually downloading future chapter and in my glimpses through them I have noticed that this author uses semi-transparent speech bubbles quite frequently. That means this series is going to have a lot more redraws in it than ReLIFE ever did. It has been an interesting challenge so far, as I have zero artistic ability and am basically just making this all up as I go along. Luckily though Perfect Chaos has one of those fancy drawing tablets and claims to have some measure of artistic ability so if I happen upon any panels that I struggle with, Chaos here should be able to help out!

On a separate note, our website peaked at ~45,000 unique visitors for the release of the last chapter of ReLIFE. After our five-ish month hiatus, we’re basically starting over from scratch with ~600 unique visitors per release.

ANYWAYS here are the links! Enjoy the chapter and see you in 5 days for chapter four!


Monochrome Lovers Chapter 3
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