Grey Line(s) – New Original Webtoon

Grey Line(s) Cover ImageSo Grey Line(s) is something a little different – an original webtoon series!

About a month ago, HueMan stumbled into our Discord server with one goal – to find someone to put his words onto the artwork of his original webtoon.

We started talking and I was immediately intrigued by the project. After a crash course in what I now learned to be called the art of Lettering, I was ready to start work! and here we are, a little over a month later with the first release of HueMan’s original fantasy webtoon – Grey Line(s)

This is project of Studio Maru, NOT Whiteout Scans.  My involvement in this series is purely as the Letterer and I’m just excited about the project and wanted to share it with all of you! Below is some information about the series, how you can read it, and how you can support it (which I hope you do!)

Grey Line(s)

Grey Line(s) is a Fantasy series conceived, written, and panels arranged by HueMan, Artwork created by Igor Cicarini, and Lettering done by TheWhiteHunter.


Rin is no more than a common bounty hunter, surviving a dangerous life by trading flesh for coins. She longs to leave the violent existence behind and when the seeming opportunity arrives, she makes a fateful choice…

Read the Series

Grey Line(s) Chapter 0: The Stars are Watching
Grey Line(s) Chapter 1: Just Another Day

Support the Series

You can support Grey Line(s) by becoming a Patreon. The more support that the series gets on Patreon, the more dedication can be put into the project by everyone involved in its creation and the more often we can bring chapters to you all!

You can also support the creation of the series by sharing the Webtoons link on social media! Contest

There’s a contest running on that we are hoping to have enough chapters of Grey Line(s) released to qualify for. Detailed information about the contest can be found here. In order to help us out with the audience engagement portion of the contest, any comments and likes for the series on contribute!

The gist of the contest is that to qualify for the ‘Most Epic’ fantasy category we need to release 4 chapters of Grey Line(s) of 35+ panels each by September 13. There are 3 rounds that, if we qualify and progress, we have a chance at up to $80,000 (which would go a long way towards helping create more of this series!)

So yeah, read the series, like and comment on and share it with your friends so they can do the same!