New Series! New Translator! Monochrome Lovers Chapter 1

It has been a while since ReLIFE ended and I thought it was about time to start working on something new. Introducing Whiteout Scans latest project… *drumroll*

Monochrome Lovers!

Monochrome Lovers (モノクロラバーズ) is a romance, school, slice of life, drama series by author Hibiki Mio (ひびき澪). Like ReLIFE, this series is originally released on the Japanese webtoon platform Comico is a treasure trove of untranslated series that not a lot of scanlation groups have tapped into, making it a perfect place for us to find new material!

As for what Monochrome Lovers is about… we will be figuring that out as the series progresses! Here is the translation of the blurb from the Comico page (as vague as it is):

One day, suddenly, an angel came descending from the sky!?
While heading towards his university entrance ceremony, Yuu meets an unsociable, mysterious girl. Yuu, who can’t help but be curious of her — who is as free-willing as a stray cat — gradually shortens the distance between them. As various feelings mix around, their bond gets spun together, but what can be seen beyond that is…

Introducing the Series Translator

It may be obvious but the translator request I put up a few weeks back was successful! It is my pleasure to introduce the translator for Monochrome Lovers — Perfect Chaos!

Perfect Chaos was kind enough to write out an introduction for you all! Take it away Chaos:


Perfect Chaos here.

I have been a fan of Japanese culture for probably around two decades now, but I truly began my fascination when I was introduced to watching subtitled anime during my early high school days by a close friend. Fast forward over a decade, and I found myself getting a degree in Japanese, somewhat on accident. I was taking Japanese classes for fun on the side, but then at some point, I ended up being further along on the path towards a Japanese major than my original major in mathematics. Funny how that ended up happening. I am also a competitive gamer, having competed in Super Smash Bros. Melee and placed amongst the very top of my region throughout my entire teenage years. With such hobbies, a path in life that I can see myself going on would be localization for either anime/manga/light novels or else video games.

So that’s just a gist what who I am and how I have come to be a connoisseur of Japanese culture. I hope that the readers of Whiteout Scans will welcome me warmly and may everyone enjoy reading Monochrome Lovers in the future to come.

Thanks for that! I’m sure everyone is happy to see you join the team! So far things have been progressing very smoothly and I look forward to our continuous work together on this series!

Regarding a Release Schedule

Those of you who were loyal readers from the early days of ReLIFE may remember the break between chapters 7 and 8. You may also remember that once Xyros joined and began translating, our releases were fast and furious, often pushing out 4-6 chapters per week. I regret to inform you all that this will not be the case for Monochrome Lovers. Like ReLIFE we do have a lot of ground to cover in order to catch up to the latest chapters (88 chapters plus extras at the time this was posted), which we will be taking our time with.

Monochrome Lovers has new raw chapters released every Saturday. Ultimately if we wish to catch up, we’ll have to release 2 chapters per week. To start with, I’m hoping to release a chapter every 5 days. Take note that this is not a promise. Both Perfect Chaos and I have lives and commitments to uphold that will take priority over this project. We’re both new to working with each other, and on this series, so it will take time to fall into any sort of rhythm.

Finally… the Chapter!

Here are the links to read and download the chapter!


Monochrome Lovers Chapter 1
Day of Beginnings -prologue-


I hope you all enjoy it and look forward to seeing where exactly this series goes!