ReLIFE Kanketsu-Hen Anime Now Available!

The four episode final arc of the ReLIFE anime is now available officially subbed in English via Crunchyroll. They are under ReLIFE OVA as episodes 14-17.

And since we don’t live in a perfect world where everyone has access to everything and can afford it, you can also find the episodes on my personal streaming site of choice, 9anime. With a good adblocker it’s the best unofficial streaming site I’ve found.

HorribleSubs is also in the process of making the episodes available via Torrent, which you can find on both HorribleSubs site here and in your choice of quality.

This officially brings both the manga and anime of ReLIFE to a close. It’s been a ride, enjoy the OVA and hopefully I’ll have something new to release for you all soon™


Stream ReLIFE OVA on Crunchyroll

Stream ReLIFE OVA on 9anime

Download ReLIFE OVA Torrent from

Download ReLIFE OVA Torrent from HorribleSubs