ReLIFE Last Report 222 [END]

Well everyone, this is it – the final chapter of ReLIFE. 

We started this back in January of 2015 and it both Wazouski91’s and my first crack at working on releasing anything. Then later Xyros joined and it was his first time as well. I have to say, when I first started this I never expected to still be working on it three years later; and now that it’s over, it’s going to feel weird come next weekend when I don’t have a chapter of ReLIFE to work on.

Many people have been asking, “What are you going to do next?” The answer to which is, I really don’t know. Xyros and I are definitely going to be taking a break for a while though. It’s been quite a while since part of our weekend hasn’t consisted of translating, cleaning, and typesetting!

If/When Yayoi Sou starts up a new series, I think I’ll probably be able to convince Xyros to work on that. Until then though, after our break of course, I really have no idea.

If anyone has any suggestions for a future series to work on, please email us with some information about it! A link to the MangaUpdates page for the series, if it exists, would be great. Any information about what the series it about, or a link to some raws are welcome as well. Series that have already finished, and are shorter, are ideal. If it’s another series from Comico, I’d be fine with that as it would make the logistics side of things easy on my part.

Thanks everyone for reading ReLIFE, whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or just binge-read the series last week. It has been amazing to watch the amount of people who read ReLIFE every week gradually grow and we are happy we were a part of bringing this wonderful series to an English audience.

And thank you to Yayoi Sou for toiling away at it! Making a manga series is no easy task and I imagine doing one in color is even more work, yet she consistently released chapters every single week for more than four years with very few breaks which is amazing. It’s amazing to see how much her artwork has improved since she started ReLIFE – the difference between report 1 and report 222 are amazing. She deserves the break that she now gets and I look forward to eventually seeing what kind of story comes out of her mind next.

I’ll wrap this up now so you can all read and enjoy the final report. I’ll probably have another post regarding ReLIFE once the four episode finale to the anime has been released so until then, 

See you space cowboy.