ReLIFE Report 218

report218. Back in My Adult Form
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Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s weird having MangaDex to upload chapters too now; it’s been ages since we got DMCA’d from Batoto, I nearly forgot to upload it there!

Only four more chapters of ReLIFE to go as well so we’ll definitely be done by March 11th at the latest. I’d like to have the last chapter out sooner but that will depend on Xyros’ translation speed. I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic to finish it off and be done.

Oh, and I beefed up the server hosting our blog so it should hopefully stay up during the initial flood of people. As for the reader, I’m still working with the server owner to figure out what’s going on. It’s difficult because there are only issues right after releasing a chapter when everyone is trying to read it at once so testing different configurations is hard to do outside of that small window.

Anyways, enjoy report218 and see you all next week!