ReLIFE is on MangaDex; Whiteout Scans adds Brave Support

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As most of you most likely already know, Batoto soon be no more. While this doesn’t affect us directly, as ReLIFE was DMCA’d off of Batoto a while ago, the death of Batoto has given birth to a new open manga reading site in the same spirit: MangaDex.

It’s still young and has a ways to go, but is shaping up to be a worthy replacement to Batoto. For the time being, only the latest chapters of ReLIFE are on MangaDex. The development team has said they are adding FTP support on the 19th. This will allow groups the ability to easily and quickly add all their series at once, so once that has been implemented I shall add the backlog.

Unfortunately MangaDex does not currently support the endless scrolling webtoon format necessary for the optimal reading style of ReLIFE. The development team has stated they will be adding this, as well as other reading styles, in the near future.

Where to Find Us

You can find our group page here if you want another way to follow or like us. The ReLIFE series page is located here. I will be uploading the upcoming ReLIFE chapters to MangaDex, in addition to our own reader, from now on. If anyone follows our releases via Reddit, I will also be returning to the old self-post format for ease of sharing releases.

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Brave Support

A reader from our Discord server suggested we add Brave support to our site. I’m not one for pandering, and this is more attention than I intended to give this, but oh well. Just a disclaimer: We aren’t desperate for funds or anything; this is just free, simple, and was easy to set up; so I thought, “What the hell, why not give it a whirl.” Anyways, onto the info stuff.

The TL;DR is that it’s a web browser with built-in adblock that let’s you support creators on your own terms by setting monthly funding amounts that you can distribute among the websites you visit.

The key point is that they are giving away $1 million ($10 per install) (more info here) for users to give to creators. So if you’ve ever wanted to support us but couldn’t, you could support us this way with no cost to you. The payouts are once a month for “publishers”, so if you download the Brave browser, claim your free credit in the settings and set Whiteout Scans to receive 100% of it, that would be… swell?

I don’t care if you continue to use the browser itself. If you just leave it installed until the “next contribution date” listed under Payments in the Settings and all should be fine. If it looks like this, then you’re golden!


ANYWAYS, that’s all for this update! We’re excited about the MangaDex platform and hope to see it thrive in this brave new post-Batoto world. The chapter 214 title is quit fitting for this transition:


End of a Dream and a New Beginning.


New ReLIFE report on Sunday as per usual!