ReLIFE Report 212

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Here is ReLIFE Report 212!

I don’t remember if we’ve ever actually done a Friday release before. I sent the chapter off to Xyros around 12:30 and it’s now nearly 20:00 and the chapter is done and released! Don’t get used to it though for the remainder. This early of a release is only because of the holidays; no work, no school means lots of free time.

Enjoy the chapter!

Oh, and happy earlier New Year everyone! See you in 2018!

  • Irwing Brito


    • Shitsureishimasu

      Yeah. After that beautiful set-up by Hishiron, I’m not sure how Kaizaki’s going to weasel out of this one.

      But I have no doubt that he will.

    • My Sweet Honey Marika

      No. Sex her.

      • CritiCaliber

        it’s time to Stop. XD

  • My Sweet Honey Marika

    Reward = Kantutan na!!!!!!!

    • asanez3

      But, they would lose their memories after tho….

      • My Sweet Honey Marika

        The mind might forget but the body will not. #RippedHymen

        • I wouldn’t be glad if i found my hymen broke without knowing anything about it.

    • Mr. Prince

      Hahaha this is no hentai dude xD

  • Mr. Prince

    Waaahhh the most awaited kiss!!!
    I can’t stop crying on this scene TT_TT

  • kiero13
  • csws

    Wow so early, so damn early. Thanks for the release!

  • Depressão

    Thank you, for the early release.

  • Depressão

    I can feel the onion cutters ninjas getting closer to each chapter

  • Staff of Narayana

    C’mon Kaizaki! Give her due rewaaaard!!!

  • yvonne

    Thanks for the early release… Good job

  • Young BZ

    Kiss incoming next time!

  • OnionSoup

    Thanks for the early release!

  • Oswaldo López

    Guys thanks a lot for ur hard work , really .

  • Eiyu

    Wait. Crazy thought. They have antibodies to their own version of the drug or something like that so they don’t forget their ReLIFE, right? What if by kissing (and exchanging bodily fluids) they either share the antibodies or manage to develop resistance to each others’ drugs, so the effect of the drug/virus/whatever doesn’t affect their memories of one another?

    • JustTestingAmI

      I also though about it. But it’s too easy too bee true (¡_¡)

  • SRB

    oh, c’mon! where the pain, suffering and heartbreak at?! -_-

  • JustTestingAmI

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Geese1

    Many thanks for the release!

  • Oneal Xavier

    Happy new year to everyone and thank you for the release

  • Kurisutian

    I’ve been watching a lot of Black Mirror lately, and after reading this chapter, I thought that it’d be dope if they were to make an episode about a pill/future technology similar to this.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter! Can’t wait for the hentai when Kaizaki gives her her reward lmao

  • Elaine Larion

    Wtf author? How can you do such a tease? 😀
    Thanks for the chapter.

  • BomBom

    I can’t thank you enough Whiteoutscans you always do an awesome job 🙂 ThankYou! (crying silently behind the scenes T.T)


  • datormentxd
  • khaychi

    Well, its the last few hours of the relife program. SOMETHING big will happen, thats for sure.

    A kiss would be a good start. 😆 Its now or never.

  • Hentai-sama

    Reward her a kiss pls 🙏 for my Christmas gift 😣 so this webtoon ends on march I thought this will end in 3 more chapters 😍 but looks like there’s more, thanks thanks so much author I really love your work 😍

  • disqus_lCBNP9ZhtQ

    I’ve never wanted two characters to have a happy ending more than Kaizaki and Hishiro😭 I genuinely hope there’s a happy ending down the road. My heart can’t take it!

  • Swiggy

    This scene: is probably the most telling scene of the series, and one of the saddest, even in its joy. Sorry, I HAD to animate it.