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Merry Christmas everyone! Here is report 211 of ReLIFE, a little early, for your reading enjoyment!

I decided to get into the Christmas spirit by listening to an episode of the Lore podcast, which happened to be about people accidentally being buried alive, and the ways they went about trying to avoid it over the centuries. Anyways while listening I started cleaning the chapter (which took like 15 minutes), so then I started typesetting; by the time the podcast episode had ended… I was done the chapter!

So yeah, that’s why it’s out so early!

Xyros translated this chapter quickly before catching an early morning flight home for the holiday where I think he will be for two weeks. I haven’t heard anything about next weeks chapter being delayed. If that changes, I will let you all know!

Enjoy report 211 and have a happy holidays!

  • Freestyle80
  • をキレス

    this was too short :c

  • kiero13

    Too short and sad for the holiday 😞

  • Shitsureishimasu

    Thank you! Another chapter that we had to get before the drama of the actual end of their ReLife. It might feel a bit like filler, but it’s really not.

    About time, too. Those two are already sounding like adults.


    Thanks so much for the chapter~ All your and xyros’ hard work is really appreciated! Have a nice holiday!! ^^

  • JustTestingAmI

    Thank you for the chapter!

  • csws

    Wow this was real quick, thanks for the present! Merry Christmas and thanks for the early release!

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  • Marko IvančičeviΔ‡

    Merry Christmas and happy birthday to Hishiro-chan πŸ™‚

  • My Sweet Honey Marika

    Kantutan na Hishiro at Kaizaki!!! Okay lang yan kahit makalimutan niyo isa’t isa, natatak mo naman titi mo sa puke niya

    • SRB

      …… what?

  • Exiom Exera

    Thanks for the chapter. inb4 Kaizaki and Hishiro meet at the cliff after Relife ends and have a “have I meet you before?” moment.

  • Mr. Prince

    Hishiro’s smile always makes me a bit happy and at the same time sad πŸ™
    I get the feeling that somehow, Hishiro will ask kaizaki if he is an adult, and that would be a surprise!

    Anyways, the chapter is great but so short for the holiday, I was expecting it to be a bit longer, but still thanks for the chapter WOS staff!

    • Young BZ

      Oh my god best part of the chapter

  • Young BZ

    When Hishiron loved all of us. OMG SO cute best present I could get today.

  • BlueRozen

    Thank you~! πŸ™‚