ReLIFE Report 210

report210. Hiding the Truth
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Hey all! Here is report 210 of ReLIFE. Downloads via OneDrive are unavailable for the time being while Microsoft works on getting it back up and running. I’ll have this chapter, both translated and raw, available on OneDrive shortly after it comes back online.

You can keep an eye on the status of the outage here if you would like:

Our reader does also support downloading individual chapters in the meanwhile with the download button on each chapter.


Enjoy and see you all next week!

Edit: OneDrive is up now; both translated and raw chapters have been posted.

  • bruno

    NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!! i’m crying like a fucking baby now ;x
    Why u do it to me, author-san? ;x

  • Aaaah thanks for the chapter!

    I’m crying like crazy right now, I love this series so much!!! </3

  • AshThePR

    My heart is aching for these two…

  • csws

    Please don’t do this to me now ;_;
    Anyway, thanks for the release!

  • Snek in der Grass

    Aw man…my heart…does this count as murder…they’re doing it on purpose…Thanks for the pain…bleh(death noise).

  • SRB
    • Snek in der Grass

      You see? Full on Dominatrix lol

      • SRB


        • Snek in der Grass

          lesbi-honest HishiroXNana from Nana to Kaoru, jk. The only person I could stand her beating around, b-sides me, is Kaizaki lol

      • SRB

        I had a thought. someone should make a dojinshi about Hishiro and Andre from prison school 🤔

  • 0xh3LL0

    wai-what? so i assume that yoake-san like hishiro-san, and he will confess her once relife end? the last dialog, its orange-coloured right? thats yoake-san thoughts right? can someone just explain to me!?

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      Probably what he’s been keeping from him is that she’s also a ReLifer.

    • Kurisutian

      No, that was Kaizaki talking. It was him thinking of a flashback to when Kaizaki said that. It was a couple chapters ago, I forget which one though.

  • Tyrel Miller

    God i love this manga. I watched the anime before reading and loved it. So i decided to read and (of course) the manga is way better. I just want to thank the author, illustrator and translator for these 210 reports and hopefully more (many more) to come. You guys have done a spectacular job at making people want to read. It isnt just some typical romance and i love that. I look forward to reading your next reports every sunday! I will admit i have been like (make out already) for the past 200 reports but i know its coming. Keep it coming!

  • Kurisutian

    When I read the first page, where she reveals that she was an adult, my jaw dropped so mf fast! But I’m guessing that that was her just thinking in her head.

    The end is near, and this manga took a slightly different turn compared to the LA. I’m hella upset that it’s almost done. I loved this series. Anyone recommend any other mangas or animes similar to this???

    • khaychi

      Watch the Netojuu no Susume anime. That anime contains the cutest couple in 2017. Period.

      • Kurisutian


        thanks, G

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Pluckachu the Snowchu

    oh boy
    I estimate 4 chapters atleast after going back to normal for stuff to start and atleast 11 to solve it
    let us pray for these 2 and their romance

  • Yaboi27

    nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ◦。.(T__T)..。

  • Mr. Prince


    I feel so sad reading this, the series is coming to an end and I feel sorry for Kaizaki cause he has no idea that he will forget hishiro too, so sad I’m crying

    Thanks for the Hard work whiteout scans! I will see this to through the end, let’s hope for a bittersweet ending

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  • José Alberto Ávila

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Young BZ

    Oh no! Why is this happening!

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    Thanks for the chapter!

    It is going to be hard starting here…

  • khaychi

    Oh holy sh1t, the end of relife, its happening. I wonder how many more chapters we get.

    Please give us a happy end, and not some rushed loveless end as in some other mangas. ~~

    • Mr. Prince

      Probably they will skip unimportant parts like Ohga backstory and OhgaxRena Date and just focus on Hishiro and Kaizaki on 4 episodes,

  • Suzanne

    shite shite shite shite, the end is nigh!!! DD:
    I really really really really really really really really really really rEALLY hope they don’t do a time skip!! ><!!!!! so nervous for next week….

    thanks for the chapter~!

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  • BlueRozen

    Thank you very much!!! ‘can’t wait for the finale!!! <3333

  • CHrOno

    What’s going on Yoake, what’s your relation to Hishiro?

    • Snek in der Grass

      Really dude? He was in charge of her for her first ReLife. They both got a 2nd chance and he received an easier subject. Oh how far you’ve gone my sweet Hishiro <3

      • CHrOno

        I mean, i thinks there is more deeper story between Yoake and Hishiron

        • Snek in der Grass

          Yeah, he was suppose to have her fall in love with him. Is that what you mean?

          • CHrOno

            Too late for him.

          • Snek in der Grass

            It was the companies idea, I don’t think he had any interest in that sort of ending.

  • Oneal Xavier

    Thank You all very much.
    I honestly almost cried


  • UpsideDizzy

    Can’t read this without some man sweat coming out of my eyes. Great chapter as usual. Cheers to the translators!

  • Alvaro

    They won’t remember each other….it’s going to end just like the live action movie…sniff…

    • Aulix Indragonz

      wtf? how does the live action ends?

      • kiero13

        Same ending as kimi no nawa. Both forgot, but met each other again

  • Kang Dede

    Oh great , this manga touch my heart 😙