ReLIFE Report 209

report209. Sunset Memories
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Hey all, here’s report 209 of ReLIFE!

Love to write more but I’ve got two quizzes tomorrow, assignments due on Tuesday and Wednesday, and my first of several finals on Thursday so I’ve got to get to work!

Enjoy 🙂

  • bruno

    You lost your only change man…. ;/

    • Sinxhunter


  • Luthfi Kun

    Ohh Onoya, just shut up.

    • Luthfi Kun

      Man, I feel so sad after reading this.

  • Irwing Brito

    Well, at least now we know that this will be the “trigger” for them to remember each other…

    Onoya I feel you :c

  • JustTestingAmI

    Thanks for he chapter!

    Don’t know if I should side with Onoya or Yoake…

  • Mahoumaru

    Come on Kaizaki-san! Ah! Ok, that’s fair! He’s completely right but I’m wondering what Hishiro is going to think about it! That Young man asking her to wait for being an adult before getting the kiss she definitely wants while she is already an “old” lady…
    That Onoya’s shocked face! Absolutely founded! 🙂
    That was a beautiful chapter! Thanks for the trad!

    • Shitsureishimasu

      If I were her I’d be mad. But will Hishiron be mad about that? Or will she be hurt?

      But she deserves to be mad. It’s at least worth a forehead flick, right?

  • Geese1

    Many thanks for the release!

  • zakenpon

    thank you so much for the chapter! lots of luck for you! ganbatteee ^^

  • Next week cannot come soon enough! T_T

    We are all Onoya in this chapter tbh, but man, oh man. THE FEELS. And can we all appreciate the beautiful art? That sunset was gorgeous. Overall, another sweet chapter. Getting a ReLife update has been my highlight on Sundays. I’m really not ready for this one to end! But it looks like we don’t have much longer.

    As always, we appreciate you, WOS! Thanks for translating and uploading, as always. 🙂

    • SRB

      one of the many reasons I’m glad this is a full-coloured web manga.

    • Sinxhunter

      hahahhaha true we are all like onoya from this day on!

  • Carlos Galvan

    Oh my, someone is ramping himself up to be sexually assaulted. Are we reaching a point where the story changes genre and this becomes a S&M story? I dunnooo. Thanks for the Chapter

    • SRB

      ooooooooor, she becomes yandere mama no. 2 (no. 1 yandere mama being Yuno who! :p)

      • Carlos Galvan

        Hishiro better not. She is too cute for that.

        • SRB

          but it’s okay for her to become a sadist? 😶😶

          • Carlos Galvan

            absolutely. I mean, have you seen her smile? She would make a great master.

  • csws

    My finals are starting in 5 days, but thanks for the release!

  • Yaboi27

    i have created an equation that relates the readers to the manga characters

    all readers = Onoya

    • Bidouf sama

      so true

    • Rakkun

      Actually, I am like Yoake. Got worried. The readers got two point of view. It’s Yoake and Onoya.

  • Young BZ

    Damn it Arata kun! Why you no kiss??!!!!!

  • Mr. Prince

    We all wanted him to kiss Hishiro but, we also know that he can’t for the sake of remembering each other after ReLIFE, so we will have to wait for the kiss in the finale, so don’t be sad, they will kiss soon enough

    Compliments to WOS staff for the beautiful artwork of the sunset scene, truly heartmelting 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter, I hate mondays but ReLIFE makes up for it

    • Stick1000

      WOS staff did not make the artwork, they just translated the whole manga.

      • Mr. Prince

        I see, well, compliments to whoever did the artwork 🙂

  • Sinxhunter

    OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!

    The storyline in this is somehow now twisting than the LA!!!! yay!!!

    but deep inside “WHY DIDNT YOU KISS HER ARATA!! YOU PIECE OF ****” lol hahaha, well thats that I cant express anymore emotion in this but just sadness, and excitement.

    Thanks for the chapter! it always makes my day when I read ReLIFE chapters every monday morning! ^_^

  • SRB

    why do I get the feeling the next chapter’s gonna start with Chizuru saying, “you really are a part of ReLife, aren’t you?”

  • zerosteel45

    oh great… now the week long wait for the next chapter. FUCK.

  • BlueRozen

    Thank you! 🙂

  • khaychi

    That place by the sea seem to be important. I bet we see it again close to the mangas end. 😯

  • OnionSoup

    Thanks for the release, good luck with your everything.

    I have an exam tomorrow if that makes you feel any better.



    thanks for the chapter~ especially when you’re so busy too 😮