ReLIFE Ending in March

Well everyone, the end is near. Yayoi Sou has announced in her author notes at the end of report 211 that ReLIFE is scheduled to end in March. That means there are only 10 – 14 chapters left of ReLIFE.

The final four episodes of the anime will be released via Bluray and Amazon Prime Video on March 21st as well. (Source – ANN)

I have no idea what is next for Whiteout Scans after ReLIFE is done; we will most likely take a break and see how we feel after that. It has been a crazy two years bringing ReLIFE to all of you.

Writing news based on such minuscule information is difficult, I can see why 90% of AnimeNewsNetwork’s article is just fluff info about ReLIFE in general.