ReLIFE Report 207

Hello everyone! Sorry about the later than usual chapter; I spent the day with my family decorating for Christmas and whatnot.

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  • Dwerimus

    Thanks for the great work!!

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    Thank you very much. Love this chapter.

  • Video Gamer32

    We are so close to the end :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • SupraGuy

    This is getting pretty close to a resolution. Still a couple of plot points to hit.

    I wonder how close this will follow the resolution of the live action movie. The movie did follow a different plot line generally, particularly around the school festival, and the fireworks festival, with Ohga/Kariu story, so there’s no guarantee, but this graduation trip seems remarkably similar to the movie’s story, just with the addition of the supporting characters who aren’t in the movie. In the movie, Hishiro’s participation in event planning wasn’t stated, but even before these chapters came out, I thought that it would have made more sense, which makes me think that it was planned to be a part of the manga (And possibly the upcoming resolving anime story) before the script for the movie was done.

    I believe that it will be satisfactory for the manga to follow the movie’s ending, though I’d like to see a bit more substance to it. The manga format should allow a greater degree of detail to exist, though the anime is slated to be a short OVA, and might not.

    This chapter was fun, but I did think that it was a little short on substance.

    • Sinxhunter

      To be honest, you are correct on having the similar scenes and the trip that is happening on the Live action movie and the manga that is written and drawn, BUT it would be better if they will not follow the scripts on the Live action movie since its too straight forward, having another path of ending is still good to have though.

  • Shitsureishimasu

    This felt like a wrapping-up episode. I’ve always been expecting feels and drama from ReLIFE, but they didn’t foreshadow anything here (unless Imissed it?) Now I’m wondering how much more of this comic we’ll see.

    Thanks for the chapter. Onward to the finish.

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      No, actually. I’ve had that experience as well. Though no idea what caused it

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    Truth be told, idk what to say about this one. Should i be happy or sad? wtf…

    • Mr. Prince

      It’s melancholic, I’m happy that Kaizaki is starting to appreciate the purpose of ReLIFE and at the same time I feel sad that the program is coming to end soon.
      But I won’t regret it, I’m just enjoying every chapter til the end 🙂

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