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    Trip will be like 3-4 chapters i guess and after that they’ll skip to the graduation ceremony unless author still wants to add more drama before focusing on that

    Once again i hope Kaizaki and Hishiro both get their happy endings!

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    Is this really what it’s like in Japan? Planned Senioritis after exams?


    Agghhhhh pls pls pls pls pls pls have many chapters about Hishiro and Kaizaki after ReLIFE is over please please please please please please please >.<

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    I was expecting Ryo to interject their trip cuz as the scientist guy said, the closer they are, the more time they spend together, the greater their chances of forgetting about each other.

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      Imagine you wake up, and none of your friends nor your great love remember about you anymore.
      I would prefer the same thing for me in this case tbh.

      Kaizaki and Hishiron will end up together after relife somehow anyway. Dont worry. 😊

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    So since they’ve never had a situation with 2 subjects together, I’m kind of imaging an end scenario where the two “custom viruses” end up interfering with each other resulting anyone who’s close to both subjects not losing their memories…

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      I’m pretty much willing to bet money that the story ends with them forgetting each other, then being introduced to each other afterwards as the two newest employees at ReLife.

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    I reaaaally hope something happens on the trip, i mean, we’ve all been waiting for it

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    I just figured out the perfect ending scenario (for me at least). Kaizaki and Hishiro will forget their memories but will find new jobs where they can all rebuild them again. Hishiro is super smart so she can become a professor or something like that in Aoba university, while Kaizaki who has great people skill becomes a counselor/adviser at the same place. Therefore they get to not only have a chance to meet each other but also their friends from high school. A new journey awaits them!

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      It’s gonna be Kimi No Na Wa all over again(maybe)

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    The final memories πŸ™
    I think it’s time for hishiro to know that kaizaki is a subject too, I wish it would happen on the trip, that would be an interesting plot twist

    Thanks for the chapter WOS, looking forward for the next upcoming Graduation Trip Arc πŸ™‚

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    So it seems to be going the movie way, huh …

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    This looks similar to the live action movie, where they went on a graduation trip, planned in meticulous detail. In the movie, the planning seemed to have been done by Arata, though that doesn’t seem to be his style, it seemed a little inconsistent, but if it was originally planned to be this way, co-planned by Hishiro, that makes so much more sense.

    There are several differences with the movie in casting, and some plot changes particularly around the school festival, so I’d be okay with it being a similar but different story. the ending in the movie was pretty good, so if we’re headed in the same direction, I’d also be okay with that.

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    Someone needs to punch Kaizaki in the McGiblets after that foot column. Come on accidental mishap that creates an intimate moment that completely breaks the barrier these two created to keep themselves from getting all fooly cooly all over each other >.<

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