ReLIFE Report 202

report202. Real Desires Unintentionally Materialize
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Another week, another ReLIFE report. It’s also around midterms time for a lot of people (I myself have them this coming week) so I hope everyone has studied hard and performs well!

I have something nice to give to any potential scanlation groups out there that wish to translate ReLIFE into another language – ALL the raw chapters!

They can be found here –

I apologize that reports 1-198 are all in one file; The way my personal folders are laid out didn’t give me an easy way to better separate them and I was too lazy to go through manually separating the chapters and zipping them up. It is organized properly though!

I’ll continue to throw the new ones in that folder each week. I’ll put a link somewhere more permanently accessible so it’s more obvious that they are available as well. If you happen to use the raws I’ve provided, you can just credit “Whiteout Scans” as a raw source 🙂

Enjoy report202 and see you all next week!

  • SRB

    totally worth staying up till 4:30 am :’)

  • Geese1

    Awesome, thanks for the new chapter!

  • Eidolon

    I just want everyone to be happy 🙁

  • Carlos Galvan

    And just like that the momentum has hit a plateau. Aw, I was really hoping for a trip and fall on each other or a point of being squished or lost in a crowd, you know something to create tension.Thank for the Chapter!
    PS someone PLEASE respond to my comments on c.197 I really would like to bring some attention to some fan fiction, Thanks again

  • We all do Kaizaki, we all do…

    If for some reason ReLIFE stops being translated into Spanish, I might give it a try, since it’s the only other language I know.

    Thanks again for this chapter, and for the raws too!

  • csws

    Thanks for the release!

  • Paulson Niro

    ReLIFE makes me realize High School moments is best thing ever happened in my life.
    When you grow up, everything around you are sucks.

  • salman

    Thnks for the chapter..

  • salman

    It makee me smile..thnks for new episode

  • Mr. Prince

    Seeing this chapter made me appreciate more the series 🙂 I am working man now but I can totally relate to the situation of kaizaki kun

    Thanks for the wonderful chapter as always WhiteOutScans

  • Nath-aku

    Thanks for the new chapter. Looking forward for the next one 😀

  • khaychi

    More depressing chapters incoming it seems. FeelsBadMan

  • ray reiji

    Hey Whiteout Scans!! ^^
    First of all, thanks for the update chapter and for the raws! (I mean it :D)
    However, report 202 isn’t Japanese ^^;
    Also good luck for your midterm!!

  • Thanks!

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    Thank you very much for the new release!

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    Thanks for the chapter!