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    kaizaki’s plan is perfect indeed… but… without knowing that hishiro is a test subject it will all go to waste… UGHHH this is now the saddest moment for yoake but the happiest moment for Kaizaki for being able to come up with a plan for the future and yet I feel broken just knowing what is happening in this chapter, Now I would like to know what is happening on hishiro’s side and especially what is going to happen to onoya.

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        (Spoilers, obviously)

        In the live action, everyone forgets about Kaizaki and Hishiro and Kaizaki decides to be a teacher. Hishiro also decides to become a teacher and they meet up again. Then the movie ends.

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          (Spoiler, again)

          In the live action, at the very end, Kaizaki is showing Hishiro around the school, & right before the movie ends, they both turn to each other and start to stay something at the same time. My take on it (this is just my imagination and how I see how it’ll go on after the movie ends), is that they both have those memories spent together, but they obviously don’t remember that it was with each other. Anyway, I like to imagine that they’ll soon bring up ReLife to each other, and put 2&2 together that the memories that they remember are actually experienced with each other.?

          Re-reading that, it doesn’t make sense. I don’t know how to word it, so I’m just gonna leave it how it is. Hopefully it makes sense to y’all lol (:

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            Oh yeah, I know, I was just saying. The spoiler alert was just in case for the people who wanted to watch the movie without it being spoiled for them.
            & I wanted to add on about the movie because it’s one way of seeing how it could end. (no saying that the manga is going to end like that)

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