ReLIFE Report 202

report202. Real Desires Unintentionally Materialize
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Another week, another ReLIFE report. It’s also around midterms time for a lot of people (I myself have them this coming week) so I hope everyone has studied hard and performs well!

I have something nice to give to any potential scanlation groups out there that wish to translate ReLIFE into another language – ALL the raw chapters!

They can be found here –

I apologize that reports 1-198 are all in one file; The way my personal folders are laid out didn’t give me an easy way to better separate them and I was too lazy to go through manually separating the chapters and zipping them up. It is organized properly though!

I’ll continue to throw the new ones in that folder each week. I’ll put a link somewhere more permanently accessible so it’s more obvious that they are available as well. If you happen to use the raws I’ve provided, you can just credit “Whiteout Scans” as a raw source 🙂

Enjoy report202 and see you all next week!