ReLIFE Report 200

report200. To Keep on Living
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Wow, 200 chapters. Quite the milestone! It’s been four years since Yayoi Sou released the first chapter of ReLIFE, and around 2 years 9 months since Whiteout Scans was created and started releasing it!

I had kind of hoped that I’d have something interesting and exciting to say in this blog post, but I really don’t.

So I’ll just simply say, thanks for all the support over the last 200 chapters, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it! We’re happy to have been bringing it to you all.

I’d say something like “I hope you’ll enjoy the next 200 as well!” but I don’t believe that ReLIFE has that much left in it, and I would be incredibly surprised if it did.

So, enjoy report 200 and all that remain in the series, however many that may be!