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report192. Is This What They Call a Girl’s Heart?
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Look at me being all productive and shit! Getting report 192 out a day sooner than usual.

If you’d like, you can think of it as a gift for being so late with 191, but in reality it’s just because 192 was so short and I felt motivated.

I then got a bit distracted and wound up cutting and rearranging panels from the chapter to make an alternate take on how the events could have gone. It’s been a while since I’ve included anything random with the chapters, so you can find my alternate take at the end 🙂

Enjoy the chapter folks~!

  • What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the treat! And the alternate take is hilarious too!

  • Its coming people, the day we’ve waited for! I couldn’t stop grinning all chapter! And that alternate take finally made me lose that grin and made me laugh.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Tef-Bannow

    I had somehow thought that the alternativ take. Easely could have been part of the story. Even through it is to classic a joke. But nice chapter.

  • Geese1

    Many thanks for the release!

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    Thanks so much ^~^
    I was surprised to see it ready lol

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    Thanks so much.


    gasppppppp it’s not even Sunday yet :oooooo WhiteHunter-senpai, thank youuu~~ Thanks to Xyros too ★

  • Ice cream

    Thank you guys! It was really a surprise to see it online a day before it usually was released. Thanks for your hard work. I can’t wait to see those date chapters.

  • Shitsureishimasu

    Putting this out hours before I even looked for it. What were you thinking? How am I supposed to shoot for the first comment with that schedule????

    Much appreciated though. Between Kaizaki and Hishiro, it’s hard to say who’s being more adorably awkward about setting this date up. Love it.

  • Freestyle80

    Well one of them took a step i guess, cant wait for their date

  • Shirayuki

    Thank you very much…. When I realized that the new chapter was posted, my heart was beating full of hapinness. Sorry for my english.
    You guys always make my day.

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    Wow, thank you we are in give bonus 2 chapter this week.

  • Alpril Gison Llenares

    Ohhhhhh the date that we’ve all been waiting for!!!! I can’t wait
    Thanks whiteoutscans and staff for the wonderful chapter 🙂

  • MisterShivers

    The chapter was good as always (Woo! Date! It’s happening!) but the short story was too cute! Especially Hishiro’s part.

    As always, a massive thanks to everyone at whiteoutscans for all your work. You guys are the best!

  • AzarelHikaru

    Thank you! Great chapter, and that alternate take… I feel his feel.

  • Skourte

    Are you being this “PRODUCTIVE AND SHIT” just because it’s short, i’m laughing just from the description XD
    Well at least an update faster than usual is something nice 🙂
    Thanks a lot for (fast) update 😀

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  • Appreciate all the hard work you guys do. Thank you.

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    erm, why is this not available on batoto ? o,o

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    Thanks alot for the chapter :”) looking forward for the next as usual ^_^

    Am i the only one who does not like Hishiro’s outfit ? xD i think just abit longer skirts suit her more than the short one she’s wearing this chapter and darker colors look better on her as well^^”
    Also .. somehow i dont really like the drawing of the last pages .. i did not feel that in previous chapters but i think the previous ones had Hishiro drawn more nicely ^^” but still absolutly love this manga ♡
    Hmmm and ya i dont think in the future they’re gonna forget about each other after Relife ends .. i mean they both are test subjects so both will remember their experiment & everything about one another :”) ♡