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Sorry about the delays everyone! here’s report 191 for your reading pleasure!

I did originally have grand plans of releasing this on Wednesday when I got home, but the four hours of sleep I got the previous night caught up with me. I ended up lying down and falling asleep rather early. Then yesterday and today I was back to work, so I worked on the chapter both evenings.

Looking back, I really have no idea how the hell we were managing to push out 3-4 chapters a week back prior to report 84. Maybe it was just the desire to not be dozens of chapters behind the raw? Trying to catch up to a weekly ongoing series with a two man team was a lot of work.

Oh, I noticed that someone had taken some quick translations and released super-quick (and rather sloppy) versions of 191 and 192 already. First time this has actually happened. I will amuse myself shortly by comparing Xyros’ translation to those versions!

Also, because of those having both been posted to /r/manga already, and me not knowing for certain the rules regarding different discussion posts for the same chapter by different groups, I figure I’ll just hold off and post 191 and 192 to Reddit together on Sunday. Unless someone else posts our version of 191 there before then. Nothing I can do about that.

I had a great time in BC, despite the air quality often being worse than major cities in China, the sun often being a red haze in the sky, and myself being sticky mere moments after stepping outside!

Anyways that’s it for this post, enjoy the chapter and see you all again in two days!

  • MisterShivers

    Fuck yes! Go Hishiron! Spread those awkward wings and soar! Also thanks a lot for the chapter! Hope you had a nice trip ^^

  • Rizumu

    Thanks you for the chapter

  • SilverWolf

    lel, that jab at Ohga at the end was perfect

  • Yeah, Hishiro-san is on board! The hardest part is out of the way, now we just need Kaizaki to accept and we’ll begin our trip to love land!

    Thanks for the chapter! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

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    Thanks for the release! Good to have you guys back!

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    Ooh, the B.C. smoke must have been awful. We’ve only been getting it second-hand in Seattle, and that’s been bad enough.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • SRB

    Calling it now, i think tamarai likes the tall guy from their group

    • Freestyle80

      the guy with the shitty personality likes her so it could only be the other one

      • SRB


      • Mahoumaru

        It’s a possibility but not so sure! I think Tamarai will be the next arc issue to solve!

        The guy with shitty personality acts with her like she is his young sister! Maybe Tamarai thinks he sees her like that and certainly he told her or usually speaks like he is in love with another girl in order to keep the unity of the group so as her!

        Anyway, let’s see first how it will go on between Hishiron and Kaizaki!

        • Freestyle80

          i hope not i dont reallu care about that storyline

          Kariu was bad enough

    • Sakaba

      I’ll go with yuri, she likes rena

  • Freestyle80

    Thanks for the release!

    your release speed was amazing to catch up with this series lol, been following since like chapter 10 amazing to think we got freaking 191 chapters now

  • Ratentaisou

    The reason why i like this manga (Wait, is this a manga or a manhwa?) is that because the story almost doesn’t have any cliches at all….

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    I’m actually almost glad now that we had to wait for this chapter because now we only have to wait a few days for the next one~ I’m looking forward to it~~ Thanks for the chapter as always ♪

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    Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!!!! Go Hishiro-san!!!!

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    Let the love begin!!! WARNING: the next upcoming chapters will give you diabetes! Be prepared!
    Thanks for the release Whiteoutscans, I have been waiting for my weekly dose of ReLIFE, now my withrawals have subsided 🙂

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    Wow,finally hishiro aware will feel. Thank you have Been Translate and update, waiting next update.

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    You felt… hot??? In Canada??? (Assuming by BC you mean British Columbia) what are you used to, Iceland?
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