ReLIFE Report 188

report188. Indifference and Steady Progress
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Here is ReLIFE Report 188 for your reading pleasure! After the site went down immediately after posting the chapter the last two weeks, I threw up a quick-fix with an imgpile mirror. While not ideal, it got the job done and drew the initial traffic away from the main site.

I had this all typed out last week and was excited to share it with you but at the last moment, something went wrong and I had to abandon my plans to get the chapter out. I’ve since solved the problem and have everything working fine!

A generous reader by the name of Saikulicious has donated some space on their server for us to use! I had this whole thing typed out in advanced about how I was going to gradually move our reader over there and it might take a while depending on my motivation but oops, I actually did it all already. As a matter of fact, if you’ve read any ReLIFE on our reader in the last week, you’ve been reading it off the new server! It should be able to weather through the hug of traffic (I hope), so enjoy this weeks chapter!

Also, Game of Thrones premiere tonight, whoo~!