ReLIFE Report 186

First off, here’s chapter 186 of ReLIFE!

Secondly, I have some bad news. Batoto has received a DMCA notice from┬áComico, therefore we won’t be able to host chapters of ReLIFE there anymore. We haven’t received a DMCA notice directly, so we will continue to work on ReLIFE as per usual.

That leaves our own reader as the only place I am able to upload ReLIFE chapters to for instantaneous reading. We also have chapter downloads available via OneDrive. I would like to find a secondary source to upload ReLIFE chapters to that supports the web-comic reading format as our site will likely crumble under all the traffic. If anyone has any suggestions as to a decent alternative to Batoto please let me know.

For the time being, I’ve added Cloudflare to our site and reader which (I hope) will help in some capacity. If I’m unable to find an alternative place to host ReLIFE, the only option I see is to increase our own server’s capabilities, which I’ve been holding off on doing as it would mean a higher monthly bill. I’ve been frugal with our donation money to keep the site going as long as possible on a minimal budget.

For the time being we will host the chapter locally, and have downloads available on OneDrive. Again, any suggestions on a decent Batoto alternative (or somewhere to host chapters) would be greatly appreciated! For the time being, enjoy this chapter and we shall see how things go for now.