ReLIFE Report 186

First off, here’s chapter 186 of ReLIFE!

Secondly, I have some bad news. Batoto has received a DMCA notice from Comico, therefore we won’t be able to host chapters of ReLIFE there anymore. We haven’t received a DMCA notice directly, so we will continue to work on ReLIFE as per usual.

That leaves our own reader as the only place I am able to upload ReLIFE chapters to for instantaneous reading. We also have chapter downloads available via OneDrive. I would like to find a secondary source to upload ReLIFE chapters to that supports the web-comic reading format as our site will likely crumble under all the traffic. If anyone has any suggestions as to a decent alternative to Batoto please let me know.

For the time being, I’ve added Cloudflare to our site and reader which (I hope) will help in some capacity. If I’m unable to find an alternative place to host ReLIFE, the only option I see is to increase our own server’s capabilities, which I’ve been holding off on doing as it would mean a higher monthly bill. I’ve been frugal with our donation money to keep the site going as long as possible on a minimal budget.

For the time being we will host the chapter locally, and have downloads available on OneDrive. Again, any suggestions on a decent Batoto alternative (or somewhere to host chapters) would be greatly appreciated! For the time being, enjoy this chapter and we shall see how things go for now.

  • Skourte

    ch. 185 : delay ; ch.186 : website down.
    It is sure that we jumped over the obstacle just to read ReLife XD
    all i can say just…THANKS FOR THE UPDATE 😀

  • krabt

    OMG. The feels in this chapter!
    Thank you VERY MUCH for the chapter

  • The Observer

    Well, this is exactly why I love ReLIFE

  • Sonaji Yusup

    hmm.. if you want to saving money for hosting, i think you can moved to other platform like instead self hosting wordpress, but ya, not to customizable like wordpress. or just host comic chapter in there and using the image link in here. ex:

  • Sora

    I just logged in to say that the link to your reader is pointing at a wrong chapter (Chapter 138). Otherwise, thanks for the release!

  • My Sweet Honey Marika

    Kimi no Na wa part 2 LOL the ending is gonna be sad, I mean it must be.

  • csws

    Thanks for the release as always! I did find it a bit difficult to read from the download tho. Does anyone know how to put the pages together or something from the onedrive download? thanks

  • dadydc

    Woah…great chapter, THANK you guys so so much for all the effort you put in just to make our mondays wonderful.
    I need to cool off a bit now… too much emotion 😉

  • Alpril Gison Llenares

    Daaaaamn, the feels, I’m getting the Kimi no nawa goosebumps 🙂 Thank you for the chapter Whiteout Scans.
    I hope that you can keep making more chapters until the end of the story.

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  • Ice cream

    Thank you! This chapter felt so short.
    Well about increasing your own server capabilities, I just wonder, wouldn’t that might get more attention of you guys from Comico? If you get a direct DMCA, it will be really bad.
    Anyway, whatever you decide to do I will support you. Thanks for everything.

  • José Alberto Ávila

    Thanks for this chapter! =D

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    Thanks for the release =3

  • killablue

    lets hope Whiteout Scans don’t get a DMCA or cease & desist letter as we would probably have to wait a year or more for the physical copies to be release since Crunchyroll uses the manga layout instead of the webcomic for their translation

    • Peter Howard

      Which leads to a suggestion which would reduce space and may reduce bandwidth . . . you could always restrict what you provide directly to the chapters Crunchyroll doesn’t. So as of now only offer reports 112 or later directly. While it wouldn’t stop things like the flood of a new report, it would reduce the bandwidth for late arrivals going back over the early stuff.

  • AnonymousAngel07

    So if you get a direct DMCA you won’t be able to post it on this website anymore??

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    Thanks a lot!

  • Life

    The only true way to read ReLIFE is with the Whiteout Scans Reader really.

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    Your OneDrive doesn’t work anymore.

    • Works fine for me. Tried the URL on different browsers and my phone =/

  • CJ Lagno

    Same here. It says that you’ve already exceeded the sharing limit

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    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Pete Zaitcev

    To be perfectly frank, I don’t really need the scanlations. However, Comico’s sorry excuse for an app keeps losing my account credentials somehow and I’m sick of re-registering with them every month. In addition, Whiteout do a yeoman’s job publishing the manga for the world.

  • Nick Shaffer

    Sometimes I get caught up in the content and forget that there’s a dude sacrificing to bring this to me. I’m really grateful. When my school money hits next month I’ll do my part instead of being a leech

  • BlueRozen

    Thank you so much for the new chapter! and thank you for all your hard work giving us a chance to read this wonderful manga! I hope everything will turn out alright in the end – fight-o!

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    thank you for the new chapter.and may be mangago would help with the alternate of batoto

  • Megan Wendel

    Thanks for another chapter! As a Batoto alternative, I recommend mangafox or kissmanga.

    • Pete Zaitcev

      Kissmanga is okay, but can only be used with an adblocker. They are unscrupulous in their relationships with the advertisers (and their readers).

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