ReLIFE Report 181

report181. Something Like That Is Good Enough For Me
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Hey all!

Sorry about the delay this week. Was a crazy weekend, which ended with my flight on Monday being delayed twice resulting in me getting home later than expected.  I had most of the chapter typeset last night but got to the report at the end and was super tired so just called it a night. Would have had this out a few hours ago but a friend is in town for a few days so we went and had some drinks.

Blah blah, life stuff plus tiredness equals lack of motivation! It’s finally done though so go enjoy it!

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    Thanks so much for the update 🙂
    …aaand we were waiting for the next one (hopefully 4/5 june update)

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    I saw this and I was …. YES!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!

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    Thanks for the chapter!

    And Hishiron. 😀

  • My Sweet Honey Marika

    They are gonna Your name the shit out of those two. But of course love will always find a way in manga/comics.

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    Many thanks for the release!

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    Thank you for the hard work!

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    yay finally out! Thanks for the chapter! Once having to wait for some time like that only once in a while is good enough for me

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    Thanks. It’s always worth waiting for.


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