ReLIFE Report 180

ReLIFE Report 180 is now here for you!

I love An’s appearance in the flashbacks 😍 (Also seen in the chapter cover image)

And if you missed it last week or need a reminder, report 181 next week will be delayed until at least Tuesday CST.

  • ConvexEd

    There is a typo after Hishiro says it wasn’t a date. You put “were” twice.

  • Irwing Brito

    Ooh it’s time for the Hishiro’s love move. With An this will be very insteresting hehe

  • Joe

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

  • Exile In IL

    Thank you for the chapter (Love seeing our girl Hishiro grow and realize her feelings). I hope you have a nice rest next weekend.

  • Geese1

    Many thanks for the release!

  • csws

    Thanks for the release! It was great!

  • theo david

    Thank you already realease this chapter

  • krabt

    Awww Hishiro-san SO CUTE. Thanks for the release 😀

  • JustTestingAmI

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Someone, plese, tell me that I am wrong and that this isn’t going to end soon…

  • Theo Tri Moses

    best story ive ever seen


    Aww that was so cute, I hope their sweet moments last just for a little while.