ReLIFE Anime Gets 4-Episode Finale Next March

A four episode arc has been greenlit for production and will see all cast members from the first season reprising their roles. The arc is slated for release on Blu-ray and DVD next March, looking to skip any sort of televised broadcast. It’s uncertain yet as to whether there will be any sort of digital release.

The final four episodes are said to follow the story after the 13th episode of the anime that was released earlier this year, and will continue until the end of Kaizaki Arata’s ReLIFE Experiment.


The anime concluded with the Fireworks Festival arc, which still leaves a lot of ground to cover to reach the conclusion of Kaizaki’s ReLIFE. It’s uncertain as to how they are going to conclude the anime with four more episodes, whether it be a drastically increased pace or an anime original ending.

Seeing as the manga is still ongoing, if they do a canon ending it seems reasonable that Yayoi Sou’s serialization that began in 2013 will end before the anime’s finale is released.

Source: Comic Natalie

  • @CarbonSoda

    Hopefully it’s an anime original ending so we can enjoy the manga for more years to come!

    • Fizor

      while that would be nice, I highly highly doubt it. It doesn’t make sense at this point for them to do 4 OVAs to “end” it without following the manga. Especially given when these will be released, I’m willing to bet it will coincide with the manga ending or something like that.

  • LePototo

    Hopefully they’ll shorten the drama with Ooga and Kariu in the anime adaptation.

  • Sora

    Next march? Its almost May…

    EDIT: Now that I think about it, they may mean NEXT March… :/

  • DFTBAshleigh

    NOOOO I DON’T WANT IT TO EVER END!!! Though at the same time I really can’t wait to find out HOW it ends.

    I’m honestly far to invested in ReLife and just want to enjoy it.

  • Fear Agent

    As good as this always is, I’m really looking forward to the conclusion

  • John Mariane

    This makes sense. People (like me) want a conclusion, but the manga is moving too slowly (not even sure when it’ll end or if the author plans on ending it). Kinda sad it’ll only be 4 episodes tho. Unless the author tells the animation studio how the story ends, this will most likely be anime-original (not sure if I’ll keep reading at that point or not…)

  • Ibrahim

    No!! Only 4 episodes T_T

  • BlueRozen

    OMG I’m so happyyyyyy!!! >///////<
    But while finale? the manga is yet to finish…! and why only 4 episodes?! T____T
    Still I'll hope for the best since the anime was great so far – I hope they'll make it a "finale" worthy of this wonderful story! 🙂