ReLIFE Report 170

report170. A Hand From Friends
Whiteout Scans ReaderBatotoOneDrive

I know a lot of readers are quite tired of the current arc. It doesn’t focus on Hishiro x Kaizaki, and it’s been pretty slow going. It seems like it’s almost at an end though, so that’s good! I imagine one or two more chapters for Kazu-kun and Kariu to talk and we’ll be on to better things.


  • Yukitwist

    Awww this chapter was so heartwarming! Seeing Ohga cry, makes me tear little bit, Always thank you for the chapter!

  • Axe

    oh mother, this chapter … i cried with him ..

  • Jesus Cuevas

    Regarding the last scene; I think Hishiro does that because she really liked it when Kaizaki did it to her. She probably thinks everyone enjoys it as much as she did at that specific moment.

  • Ripper346

    I noticed a little oversight, on the 4th balloon of page 12 you forgot to erase all the balloon or to redraw it. You can see the two columns of the Japanese text. Thanks for the chapter anyway

  • Shitsureishimasu

    They did so well at talking to him. I think it was a growing experience for Kaizaki, and maybe Hishiro too. But, patting his head like that… did they just totally fail at talking to him as peers (kids his age)?

    • Peter Howard

      Of equal importance – did Hishiro just give Kaizaki some hints about who she really is that even he can’t miss?

  • A random guy from the Internet

    Little by litte, i love it… i don’t want this to end 🙁

  • JokinBoy

    YO!!! This chapter is amazing!!! Hishiron and Kaizaki are like mother-father to ohga!!!

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  • Itm

    woah. this. this is how you talk to someone in that kind of position.

    thank you translators!

  • BlueRozen

    Many thanks for the new release! 🙂

  • Monkey D Luffy

    Another clue for you kaizaki! Very very nice chapter ♥