• Derpydaddyo

    My guess is she is either related or his brothers gf



    • Shitsureishimasu

      Whichever it is, it’s stuff misunderstandings are made of.

    • My Sweet Honey Marika

      Maybe just a foxy co-worker

  • Derpydaddyo

    Also thanks for all the hard work.

  • リペ先輩

    Thanks guys

    **amazing door sound** hehehehe

    ピロピロピローン (piro piro piro-n) seems to be that beeping sound made by Japanese stores when you open the door.

  • Shitsureishimasu

    What a juicy chapter! The gods of Plot have made sure Reina will have a misunderstanding. and Hishiro has new things to think about. Thanks!

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  • Arnab Uchiha

    O_oh..now i hope atleast theres gonna b one cute kissing moment OhgaXKariu…thanks for the Chap and wishing y’all ReLife Longevity (/*_*)/ <3