ReLIFE Report 161

ReLIFE Report 161

report161. Honor Student’s Reliance on Others
Whiteout Scans ReaderBatotoOneDrive

“Wait, what? Wasn’t there just a chapter yesterday? 161’s raws aren’t even out until Friday… how is this possible?”


I bet you’re probably all asking a lot of questions like that. The answer is simple: When Comico restricted everything to their app, and limited the amount of chapters that free users could read, they also made the next chapter of several series available a week early for people who were willing to pay for them!

We originally weren’t going to, but after figuring out that it’s a mere $0.30/week, we figured why the hell not! We’ve actually had access to chapters a week early for about a month now, it’s just that with the holidays and whatnot, Xyros never had time to translate the extra chapter. This is actually how we had that chapter out on Christmas Eve.

Now that the holidays have ended now, Xyros finally had some extra time to translate so now we can be officially one chapter ahead of the game!

I won’t lie and say “we couldn’t have done this without your donations!” because it’s not like $0.30/week is breaking the bank or anything, but your donations certainly help! We bumped our web server up a tier after I got tired of the website being rather unstable on weekends, so that costs a bit extra each month, so all of your donations are going primarily towards that. I’ll just give a quick thanks to everyone who has donated to help keep our website online and leave it at that 🙂

ANYWAYS, I’ve rambled on enough.

Enjoy guys!