ReLIFE Report 157

report235. Unmatched Expectations and Desires
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Here be ReLIFE Report 157.

I smell a double dose of tragedy this Christmas with the way the plot is going now.

Enjoy the chapter!

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    Many thanks for the new chapter!

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    Thanks Xyros and TheWhiteoutHunter for your weekly releases of the chapter! Your hard work and effort means a lot to us readers!

  • Shitsureishimasu

    Here I am trying to figure out how these couples will find a path to work things out, and you had to mention a double dose of tragedy! Not what I want to think about. Not at all!

    Thanks for the update!

  • BlueRozen

    Thank you 😀

  • Gilgamesh

    TheWhiteHunter and Xyros I applaud you both on a job well done. (But then again everything you two do is fantastic this issue is no different.)

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    This series is so good Mmmm

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    god damn it ohga

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    Thanks, but how can I read this Manga on my Android offline? Is there a good reader with top too down reading?

    • Shouko

      Manga Rock

  • Thanks for the release!

  • Juanma

    I was so hyped for this chapter, but nothing happened. Oh well, at least it was pretty fun.

  • SeiZui

    Thank you guys for your hardwork… we wouldn’t be enjoying this without the work you’ve put into the series. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!!

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    thanks for the scanslation