ReLIFE Report 155

ReLIFE Report 155

report155. Impossibility • Unknown • Possibility
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After all the worry over the last several days, and nearly importing raw chapters from China, nothing is changing!

I’ll keep this short as I’ve written enough over the last two days, so if you missed that want to know more, go read those posts.

ENJOY this on time chapter of ReLIFE!

  • Life

    Thanks for the great chapter!

  • eLf

    I…. Am…. Very very very grateful to you and Qmaol or something, sorry i’m bad at remembering name. I thought… i can’t read ReLIFE again, it made me sad. But… when i read the announcement, i’m really grateful. Thank you for your hard work, and thank you for keep updating every week and always gave us warning for the lateness. I’m not good in english but i wanna say thank you for your hard work.

    Looking forward to next chapter.

  • faizanchrismax

    Story is Going Great I Think But There is a Some Little Problems in this Story Because of Story is Going SO SLOW for each chapter and It Will be Problem for Readers and The Story is A Bit LIVELY right now in Present Chapter So i think you should make some LIVELY MOVEMENTS in The Story for Both of Characters 🙂

    • PLMKO

      Tell that to Yayoiso then, not here 😉

      • faizanchrismax

        Please Send this to Yayoiso Plzz 🙂

  • Geese1

    Many thanks for the new release!

  • ray reiji

    Thank you WhiteOutScans!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for release as usual 😀