False Alarm! ReLIFE is Safe!

So I wrote that large post yesterday detailing our options with ReLIFE going forward. Thanks to qmanol’s comment found here, I can easily just copy the Comico app’s cache folder to my PC. Slapping the JPG extension onto the file names is all it takes to make the files legible again! Only real downside is that the file names are random and the pages aren’t in the correct order. Doesn’t take too long to scroll through the chapter on my phone and rename the pages to be in order on my PC, it’s just a pain.

Before: Go to Comico website, use Image Downloader to download pages, use Advanced Renamer to bulk slim down the file names.

Now: Load the new chapter in the Comico app, use Solid Explorer to copy the cache folder to a safe location and bulk add the JPG extension, copy to PC and manually rename files.



I was worried that the image quality was going to take a hit, as the images that Comico uses in their app are notably worse than the ones they used on their website. It doesn’t appear that the quality will take that huge of a dip though, which is good news!

Here’s a panel from report 155 comparing the app version to what we would release. You can grab the slider in the middle to switch between the two!

If you don’t see a difference, I’d recommend you go see your local optometrist and have your eyes checked 🙂 Here’s the same images at 200% zoom though, makes it blatantly obvious:

Comico App Version and the awesome Whiteout Scans Version

Some places to look closely at to see the difference are:

  • The edges of the characters, their hair, and faces have been significantly cleared of JPEG artifacts.
  • The gradient background blends a little better from top to bottom.
  • The SFX appears a bit sharper.

So… China?

Nope, no more Chinese Comico raws. No 8-9 day delayed releases.

So long as I have access to the chapter files this way, and am able to make the quality up to my standard, we will use the app cached images to release on Sundays as usual!

Well, provided Xyros continues to do his translations. He hasn’t replied to my message yet, though I have faith that a few extra table scraps can persuade him!

  • Riku L

    Nice to see a workaround to the issue and although the quality did go down a bit, it’s not too bad.

    • I should grab a page from the app version of report 154 to compare to the web version, and our version. See how big of a change it actually is.

      • kiyofumi.yoshikawa

        IMHO though, just by checking that panel, I guess there is no big difference between web and app RAW.. I meant sometimes when I directly check the RAW (before the TL released) or I checked TWH early release I found the image quality is not that good.

  • Gopang13

    I was relieved to hear this news 😀

  • Russssooo

    Does this new method makes it easier or harder?
    What i mean is before the update. When you used the website extention

  • fayt

    You guys are the best 😁😁😁😁

  • Tirafesi

    hey! I just sent you guys a message on facebook to warn you about this, but in case you didnt catch it I’ll post it here as well. Basically, some1 on reddit posted the new chapter’s raws from the comico website. If you guys could use those instead of the ones from the app, the quality would remain the same!
    Link to reddit; https://www.reddit.com/r/ReLIFE/comments/5g5ry0/jp_relife_report_155/
    Link to imgur with raws: http://imgur.com/a/M6V04

    • BaronKrause

      That’s actually pretty amazing!

  • This tumblr
  • Notak

    Glad you could retrieve chapters from the app!
    Regarding JPEG artifacts waifu2x can mostly clean them:
    Keep up the good work!

    • BaronKrause

      That’s actually really awesome!

  • miendiem

    @TheWhiteHunter:disqus You could always threaten Xyros that you’re going to use mine instead… That probably doesn’t actually count as a threat, though. keheh Plus, unlike the American Thanksgiving Miracle, it only exists on my HDD.

  • Leech of the Society

    Dude even if you tell us to get our eyes checked, its like 99% the same contrast and color. Like if you put them both seperately NOT TOGETHER, I bet you can not differ xD
    Still yay, cheers~ Finally can sleep in peace

    • On my 5.7″ phone, I definitely can’t see a difference. Guess that’s Comico’s justification.
      I can see the difference on my 8″ tablet though, and it’s clear as day on my 24″ monitor.

      • planetary

        I could definitely see it too. Those JPEG artifiacts were blatant.

  • Tora

    “I can’t see the difference, is this guy too meticulous? Oh right, I’m on my cellphone”

    Glad to know things are going good Mr Hunter.

  • Heliocentric

    You guys are so great in your dedication! Thank you so, so much for continuing to provide us with ReLife chapters!!!

  • TerminusJ

    Glad to hear I can continue with my my weekly routine of reading ReLife. Thanks a lot guys, you’re awesome.

  • Jason Henson

    So good to hear there is a work around even though I didn’t know there was a problem but thank you for your dedication. I have been loving this series since I watched the Anime this season and wish it was so much easier to get a hold of. Genuinely appreciate the work you do.

  • Krisnadi Imam

    glad to hear that XD

  • ray reiji

    “So… China?”
    I burst into laughter XD

    • DreamTGI

      I agree 😛

  • Yavuz Levent Erden

    thats nice

  • Ratentaisou

    I know that this is old but holy hell… The comico version looks really bad!!!

  • Anthony Blaze O’Gorman

    There is a chrome add called “Image to PDF” I used it to rip from comico’s website for some of my friends (bypasses the whole download issue), no idea about the quality it looks fine. Here is an example https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0BalQEnTkrqd0ozd0RHcDhjRlk

    But if you wanted to do it the hard way to keep the quality, jump into inspector on chrome, find the images, copy the link to a different tab, then right click save img / or drag and drop.