ReLIFE Report 156

ReLIFE Report 156

report156. Unnoticed Feelings Passing By Each Other
Whiteout Scans ReaderBatotoOneDrive

Phew, this one took me longer than usual. The redraws weren’t hard, I was just trying out some new things that I feel worked better than how I was doing things before. There were also a lot of sound effects in this chapter, so those took some time to do.

Didn’t hear any complaining about the translation process from Xyros this week so things must have been easy enough for him.

I’ve also decided to keep our website hosting on the $10/month plan rather than the $5/month plan, as we seem to have been running into issues more often than not with the cheaper option. You’ve all been generous with donations, so hopefully our coffers continue to support our hosting fees!

Our Discord server has filled up rather nicely as well. Didn’t expect so many people to join up, I guess it’s a more popular thing than I thought! At the time of writing this, there are 92 registered users with 29 online! Speaking of Discord, I meant to fiddle with our in-chapter credits earlier this week to fit Discord in nicely, but I forgot. So I lazily slapped it on the bottom and I’ll work on it more later. Maybe, we’ll see.

The full force of winter has hit Canada now, even areas that are usually nicer are getting hit pretty hard. I’ve been hearing stories from friends in Vancouver about the various SFU campus’s failing to give notice about cancelling classes and whatnot, so students spend the time getting to campus to find out that everything is shut down and cancelled and find themselves stranded. Hundreds of people waiting for buses.

Then on the opposite side of Canada, this has been happening in Montreal:

I always assumed that all Canadians were prepared for icy roads and winter conditions come this time of year, but apparently that’s not the case!

Anyways, enjoy the chapter and see you all next week!