ReLIFE Report 154

ReLIFE Report 154

report154. And Every Time, Another Night Comes to an End
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Welcome back to our regularly scheduled releases of ReLIFE! Last two chapters were quite the event, and this one should probably be the chapter to wrap up this night of drinking and subjects pouring their hearts out to their supervisors.

Had some website issues over the last 24 hours that I hope are fixed now.


  • Name

    Page 14 has a typo. You have “Was Was” when you probably meant “What Was”

    • Leech of the Society

      And also a page below it, it should be “protect myself better”
      Thanks for fast uploads, man you rock 🙂

      • PLMKO

        Are u sure? If you can link me something with adverb placement that could explain it, I would be thankful (not a native speaker). Anyway, i feel like it could be placed both ways.

        • miendiem

          Either way is proper English. Hooray, English! hehehe

  • Ripper346

    Guys by page 26 and over on the report you forgot to do the redraws (or did it incompletely) and at the end there is the phrase of the attached photo 2 times (before and after the photo)

    • yeah I… I did miss redraws on a page there. I’ll fix up the chapter and release a V2. This is what happens when Xyros isn’t around to look over the chapter =/

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Krisnadi Imam

    thank you 😀

    i wonder how long this manga goin to get

  • Rusdi Respriadi

    Thank for the new chapter 😍

  • Thanks for the release!