ReLIFE Report 153

ReLIFE Report 153

report153. Sun Setting into the Depth of the Sea
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Wh-what? What is this? Two chapters within 24 hours?! Been a long while since we’ve had multiple releases on one day. I actually typeset both chapters back to backĀ last night and then sat on them. Figured it would be better to let you all process and enjoy the warmth of 152 before giving you 153. It’s been around 8 hours so that’s enough processing time.

Once again to all our friends south of the border, Happy Thanksgiving! Though by this point you’re all probably standing in line at a big box store with your weapons ready to fight over the $200 75″ 4K TV that they have as a doorbuster tomorrow morning. And upon failing, you’ll settle for a $250 60″ 4K TV that you mowed an old lady down with your shopping cart to get to! Or at least that’s how I imagine it happens.

Also every time I say “south of the border”, despite being Canadian, I can’t help but still think I’m talking about Mexico.

Hope all your turkey was good and you don’t get too badly bruised shopping tomorrow!