ReLIFE Report 152

ReLIFE Report 152

report152: Did You Mean: Love
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Hey, we’re back! And Happy Thanksgiving to our American visitors 🙂

Don’t worry guys, pretty sure this chapter was worth the wait!

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    The term アラサー ‘arasaa’, which Xyros has taken as “in their 30s” is one of those Japanese terms called 和製英語 ‘wasei eigo’, which is basically taking English terms and creating a loan word out of whole cloth. In this case, a mash-up of “around (age) thirty”. The exact age range of アラサー is a little nebulous, but it’s intended to include the high-twenties side of being in that age range (which we know for sure Kaizaki is).

    JP wiki might not help many people here, but there is a page on it:

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