ReLIFE Report 151

ReLIFE Report 151

report151. As Always, You…
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I’ve mentioned it twice before on the site, and at the end of the chapter for the non-site visitors so I won’t go into detail again, but I’ll be away until the 20th so breaktime again!

Enjoy the last chapter for two weeks!

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    Thank you for this chapter! I’ve wanted to see the translation, especially of Hishiro’s ending line, ever since I previewed it on I can’t really read Japanese myself–only kind of sound out the hiragana parts, and I’ll be the first to admit that my initial impressions are likely to lead me astray.

    That said, Hishiro’s like struck me at first as potentially loaded. In the raw that last balloon says “itadakemasen ka?”, a variant of the set phrase so often translated as “thanks for the food.” Wait–what!?
    Yes, Hishiro-chan, I would like to gobble you up. Kaizaki will no doubt be more reserved–but that aside….

    Can I ask how that word so often associated with eating fits into her request? Is Hishiro being strange again, or would that phrasing be normal in some way?

    • miendiem

      Happy to help, or at least give it a go.

      Hishiro winds up the sentence the phrase いただけませんか (itadakemasenka), from the root verb 頂ける (itadakeru), which means, more or less, “to (potentially) receive” in this case. Essentially, she’s couching her entire request, politely, as she always does, in terms that leaves the actual choice in Kaizaki’s hands. The potential form 頂ける, the negating with ません, and the questioning か are all reinforcing her same basic theme here. The difference between 頂く (itadaku, from where we get the often-heard itadakimasu) and 頂ける being merely (but importantly) the reinforcement of this being a potential thing (a choice), rather than a given.

      Compare, of course, to her word choice back in 122, the first time she broached this subject: 今度は海崎さんが私に触れて下さい (Kondo wa Kaizaki-san ga watashi ni furetekudasai … or maybe sawaretekudasai. It’s written the same way, frustratingly enough, and the difference in meaning between the two is so slight that one can probably argue it forever, in a lot of cases. I’m still 50/50 on it in the context it keeps getting used in ReLife, regardless of how much it’s been said. heh) – still politely spoken, certainly, but there’s substantially less choice offered in the matter. “Now, Kaizaki-san, touch me, please.” – with the general, if mistaken, expectation that Kaizaki will do so.

      So, I don’t know that I’d say that Hishiro is *not* being strange, but she’s certainly being strange in a much less imposing manner. Which, layered on top of whatever actually got said in the Kaizaki Cliff’s Notes-abbreviated 148 between these two, may actually make this a palatable request.

      • Shitsureishimasu

        Wow, thanks for the Japanese lesson!

        So it really is a form of the verb in that set phrase, conjugated in a way I know nothing about yet, but in this context she isn’t talking about herself in terms of food. Good to know.

        • miendiem

          My pleasure. It’s not the easiest thing to bring across, sometimes, in a translation. Hence, it turns into a wall of text when I try to explain it. ^_^;;

          Incidentally, you can see the same kind of construction for 頂く back in 141/142 in another non-meal situation (last spoken panel of 141, first of 142), when Yoake finally manages to truly hack Kaizaki off starting with this: 仕方ない じゃあ僕がフォローしておきますかね いいんですね? そのまま流れで僕が日代さんをいただいてしまうことになったとしても (“Oh well, I suppose I can help you out here. It’s okay, isn’t it? If things keep going like this, and I end up taking Hishiro-san for myself.” – the last line, after the comma, being the translation for いただいてしまう)

          I’d thought Yoake had also used 頂く back in 116 when referring to the look of utter disdain Hishiro gave him after the “Are you part of the ReLIFE experiment?” bit, but I went and checked, and that was actually ごちそうさま. Another one of those normally-heard-during-meals things that has other uses.

    • Pete Zaitcev

      Itadaku is to accept. Usually food, but not always. So all she’s asking is “may I try to touch please”

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